Due to its reputation as a warm and accepting location for the LGBTQ+ community, Mykonos is frequently referred to as a gay destination. Since the 1960s when it gained popularity as a bohemian and alternative destination, the island has long been a favourite among LGBT tourists.

Many gay-friendly beaches, pubs, nightclubs, and hotels can be found in Mykonos nowadays. Throughout the year, it hosts a variety of LGBTQ+ gatherings, including the XLSIOR Festival, one of the major gay festivals in Europe.

The open-minded and active nightlife environment in Mykonos, as well as the island’s liberal attitudes regarding sexuality, have contributed to the island’s image as a homosexual vacation. The island attracts LGBTQ+ tourists from all over the world due to its laid-back and welcoming atmosphere, magnificent beaches, crystal blue waters, and traditional Cycladic architecture.

Best LGBTQ+ hotels in Mykonos

Best LGBTQ+ activities in Mykonos

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