Grand Canary

Grand Canary

Because it has a reputation for being among the most hospitable and open places in Europe for the LGBTQ+ community, Gran Canaria is frequently referred to as a gay destination. Since the 1960s when it gained popularity as a bohemian and alternative destination, the island has long been a favourite among LGBT tourists.

Currently, Gran Canaria is home to a number of gay-friendly hotels, pubs, and beaches. Throughout the year, it hosts a variety of LGBTQ+ gatherings, including the renowned Maspalomas Gay Pride, one of the greatest Pride celebrations in all of Europe.

Gran Canaria’s status as a gay vacation spot has been boosted by the island’s accepting views on sexuality and its thriving and progressive nightlife scene. Travelers who identify as LGBTQ+ come from all over the world to visit the island because of its beautiful beaches, year-round sunshine, and amazing natural scenery.

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